Verza City

The heart of Verza City is its lightweight, durable 6061 butted aluminum frame. Felt engineers used this strong, lightweight material to craft a bike that blends the efficient ride quality of a road bike with the comfortable, more upright positioning that’s more commonly associated with mountain bikes.
Every Verza City has been designed with a specially designed “Verzatile” handlebar and highly adjustable stem for additional control and a wide variety of positioning options for different types of riders. Depending on the model, they come with either disc brakes or linear-pull brakes for maximum stopping power and a wide range of smooth-shifting gearing helps Verza City riders tackle the steepest city streets.
The Verza City is available in three different models to suit all different types of riders. Every detail—from specially designed saddles to Felt X-City tires— has been carefully selected to match this bike’s versatile nature. Some models also include extras such as fenders and racks.

Verza City 1

Everything about this bike has been designed to make urban transportation faster, easier and more fun. The durable aluminum frame delivers exceptional performance and the lightweight fork affords easy and precise handling. An 8-speed internally geared hub makes steep city hills seem a little flatter. And the fenders and rear rack turn Verza City 1 into a useful transportation tool no matter where you’re going or what you might need to carry.

Verza City 2

Sure, it’s a sustainable transportation solution, but more importantly, the Verza City 2 is fun to ride. With a lightweight aluminum frame, wide range of gears and powerful disc brakes, every commute, errand, or cruise around town will bring a smile. Stylish fenders protect you from road grime, and a sturdy rear rack makes it easy to carry groceries, a bag, whatever you need.

Verza City 3

With the durability and upright positioning of a mountain bike, and the efficiency of a road bike, the Verza City 3 is a fun, stylish way to get from Point A to Point B. A lightweight, smooth-handling aluminum frame forms the chassis of this quick, easy-to-ride bike. The components, including 24-speed gearing and a fast, durable wheelset make it the perfect bike for urban adventures.