Felt News

DA Receives UCI Approval

Wednesday, March 09, 2011
Irvine, CA – Felt Bicycles is proud to announce the UCI’s official authorization of the Felt DA Time Trial/Triathlon frameset for UCI races.  The UCI’s new frame authorization process guarantees the DA frameset to be UCI legal and will be documented on each frame with the UCI’s new seal of race-legal approval. Graphic incorporation of the new UCI seal will be a running change and customers can expect to see these on DA’s later in the year.
“The official certification of the 2011 DA TT/Tri frame under the new UCI qualification process once again demonstrates Felt Bicycles’ continued dedication to building the world’s fastest UCI legal bikes,” said Felt director of engineering, Jeff Soucek.  “We are pleased to be one of the first manufacturers granted the new approval and we look forward to supplying our athletes and customers with the DA frameset.”  
The Felt DA was developed by Felt engineers utilizing CFD software technology coupled with years of carbon fiber design, wind tunnel development and world-class race experience.  In 2011, the DA will be ridden by multiple World Champions in time trials and triathlons throughout the world.