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Impressive presentation of the Team FELT ÖTZTAL X-BIONIC

Monday, February 08, 2010
The well-known sports reporter Sven Simon hosted the evening and introduced the unique team concept to the visitors. Supported by Uwe Daniel, marketing manager FELT, the leisure sports team was discussed in detail at the beginning of the presentation. The focus is not exclusively set on the Worldcup Team but also on the formation of the world`s biggest leisure team. The so called FELT ÖTZTAL X-BIONIC Team welcomes everybody. The extensive program for mountain biking, triathlon, cycling and running is established for the target groups women, family, disabled, youth, beginners, athletes and talents. Exemplary three recent actions were presented during the evening.
Freddy Kuehner, Sonja Benz and Mirko Konrad are the lucky winners of the Action “Sportskanone”, an action that occurs annually.
As amateur athletes they are equipped with the exclusive equipment of the team. Furthermore they receive a professional training and nutrition guidance in order to get in shape for big sport events in 2010. The second ongoing operation of the team is running under the motto "athletes for athletes." This social commitment supports athletes like Yvonne Marzinke that should be brought back to sports after strokes of fate such as illness, injuries and disabilities. The cooperation with the swiss mountainbike magazine Ride shows that the team management attaches great importance to talent scouting. Together the team and the magazine want to find three talents with the possibility to join the Worldcup Team in the long term. The team offers many advantages such as free starting places for large sporting events, lotteries, exclusive team outfit, training and service offerings and much more. All team members can benefit from these advantages from now on, because the presentation was also the starting signal of the new homepage www.felt-oetztal-xbionic.com, where everyone can apply for a free membership in the team.

In between leisure team and worldcup team Uwe Daniel, Gerhard Gstettner and Michael Raab, the representatives of the title sponsors FELT, ÖTZTAL and X-BIONIC, were interviewed about their commitment, the goals and their products. Because such a strong project can only exist with strong partners. “FELT, the ÖTZTAL and X-BIONIC are absolute top in their segments. We are confident that we will cooperate successfully and achieve our goals, perhaps even beyond the year 2012",said Uwe Daniel, marketing manager of FELT.

Than the much-anticipated presentation of the Worldcup Team followed. However, before the riders were brought to the stage, the team staff consisting of the mechanic Geri Schrempf, the masseur Andreas Berger and the personal trainer Robert Pintaric were introduced to the spectators.
The triathletes Anna and Jörg Scheiderbauer have been the first athletes on stage. Like all athletes, they came in on their race bikes and in their team outfit. The Scheiderbauers fulfil a dual role in the team. In addition to their sportive role their agency Scheiderbauer Sports is also entrusted with the management team.
Jörg Scheiderbauer sets high goals for the team: "At the beginning we want to end within the Top 5 in the world cup, however the big goal remains the Olympic Games in London 2012. Until then we want send seven to eight athletes to London and win at least one medal." Certainly a brave statement, but because of the numerous national champion in the team and a good mix of young talents and experience this is not unrealistic.

Simon Scheiber (AUT) and Manfred Reis (D) are the youngest athletes in the team with their 21 and 19 years. Both are national U23 champions with excellent prospects. No doubt that Simon and Manfred have the potential to ascend to the absolute world leader in the future.

Adelheid Morath (D) and Blaza Klemencic (SLO) already bring Olympic experience. Morath has joined the FELT ÖTZTAL X-Bionic Worldcup Team after many years at Rothaus Cube. As with their Slovenian colleague Klemencic London 2012 is their great goal. In addition, both want to defend their national title.

Sabrina Enaux (FRA) and Karl Markt (AUT) bring lots of experience in mountainbike world class. Both have achieved top rankings in the world cup in the past and are aiming for top results in the next few years. Enaux and Markt want to qualify for the Olympic Games in London 2012 as well.

Vladi Riha and Carolin ship originally come from road racing, but want to succeed in the mountain bike marathon now. The couple from Bremen is looking forward to the upcoming season and to working in an internationally based team.

Just before the end of the presentation, the team management had a very special surprise. The latest engagement of the team was contacted via a internet phone call. The Australian U23 champion Paul van der Ploeg answered questions posed by Anna Scheiderbauer at 6 am local time at the other end of the world in Australia. Van der Ploeg is coming to Europe in April in order to join the team.

After the official part the representatives of the media and sponsors still had the opportunity to get in contact with the athletes enjoying meals and drinks. The highlight of the after-show party was an ice bar with an integrated team logo. Here the evening ended with mulled wine and punch.
The conclusion of the whole event was very positive. It will be interesting how the sportive performance of the team will be in the upcoming season.


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