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Virus stops FELT ÖTZTAL X-BIONIC Worldcup Team in Montichiari!

Monday, March 15, 2010

With Simon Scheiber (torn ligament) and Sabrina Enaux (shoulder injury) two athletes of the Team won`t be able to race before the end of March. Now a gastro-intestinal virus has spread out in the team last week. Karl Markt had to leave the team at the beginning of the week. For health reasons his start in Montichiari was beyond all question. His colleague Manfred Reis complained about discomfort in the stomach area shortly before the race but wanted to try a startup. On the first lap after the start loop Reis had to give up.

The pain had become too strong. At the victory of the Italian Marco Aurelio Fontana Reis was already on his way home. Tony Longo (ITA) finished as second and Stephane Tempier (FRA) on third place.
Adelheid Morath and Blaza Klemencic, both placed among the Top 5 at Maremma Cup the week before, were also infected in Montichiari. During breakfast Klemencic already noticed that she had problems, Moraths discomfort came only a short time later. Like her colleague Reis Klemencic had to give up during the race when she was totally exhausted and full of pain. Morath, however tormented herself through the race and ended up in sixth place. "It's a shame, i didn`t feel fit at all. I noticed that my body is unable to afford any more today," said Morath. Under normal circumstances Morath would have been able to land on the podest. The Swiss Nathalie Schneitter won the race in Montichiari in front of the Italian Eva Lechner and Anna Szafraniec from Poland.
Now the team focuses on recuperation and rebuilding forces in order to attack at the races in Buchs (SUI) or Langenlois (AUT) in two weeks.