TT/TRI Series

Felt built its name on creating innovative, aerodynamic bikes to race against the clock. For more than 20 years, we have continually brought new ideas to rider positioning, efficiency and, above all, aerodynamic performance. From World Champion triathletes Mirinda Carfrae, and Terenzo Bozzone to reigning Olympic Time Trial Champion Kristin Armstrong, when it comes to solo efforts, riders rely on Felt.

The bikes you see in our 2012 TT/Tri Series have undergone years of development and have already been proven—in the wind tunnel and in competition—to be our fastest yet.

It starts with the DA, Felt’s premier TT/Tri bike. Incorporating radically shaped frame tubing, UHC Ultimate+Nano carbon fiber, and a host of new technologies including the Bayonet 3 Steering System and proprietary, aerodynamic brakes, the latest generation of the DA it wasn’t long before it tallied several major international victories.

The DA’s design process was time-consuming and expensive, but the results are worth it. After extensive internal brainstorming, detailed rider feedback, and studies in airflow and tube shapes, the engineering team used powerful Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software to test their designs in a virtual environment. CFD, commonly used in the design of F1 racecars and multi-million dollar yachts, allows Felt to dial in their designs before creating physical prototypes.

By the time the DA prototypes were built, Felt engineers already understood what frame shapes worked best; but the development phase is never complete until the bike is analyzed in the wind tunnel. Over a period of more than a year, adjustments were made, new prototypes built—until they got it absolutely perfect.

But the real strength of Felt’s TT/Tri Series is its depth. For 2012, the DA will be available in five different configurations including a new women’s specific model. The B Series bikes, which are continuously recognized by cycling magazine editors for their blend of incredible performance and value, will be available in four variants including a women’s specific model.

Every Felt TT/Tri bike is outfitted with a meticulously selected collection of components and parts. Each one, no matter its price, is built to offer the best aerodynamic performance and fit so that you can reach your goals. With Felt TT/Tri bikes, your best performance has never been more attainable.


The triathlon-specific UHC Advanced carbon fiber frame of the DA3 is combined with Felt’s super-aero Bayonet 3 carbon aero fork to create the ultimate machine to take you from your swim to your run faster than ever. With professional-grade SRAM Red components and Felt’s TTR2 wheelset, The DA3 is the most advanced Time Trial/Triathlon bike in this price range on the market today.


The S22’s custom butted and shaped 7000 Series aluminum frame and UHC Performance carbon fiber aero fork combine to deliver top-shelf performance at an affordable price. TheS22 incorporates a BB30 bottom bracket for added stiffness and internal cable routing for a clean and aero profile. Add the aero seatpost and TTR4 wheelset, plus a Tri/TT-specific handlebar extension and base, and the S22 shaves seconds off your time.