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Successful start to the season of FELT ÖTZTAL X-BIONIC Worldcup Team

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Place 4 and 5 for FELT ÖTZTAL X-BIONIC Worldcup Team

In beautiful but very cold conditions Blaza Klemencic and Adelheid Morath finished the XX Maremma Mountain Cup at the positions four and five. Both Klemencic and Morath had confirmed their excellent early form, and finally only the Italian Eva Lechner, the Swiss Nathalie Schneitter and the Frenchwoman Cécile Ravanel were stronger. Both riders, whose strengths are mainly in the mountains, were more than happy about the good placement on the relatively flat course.     

The third rider of the FELT ÖTZTAL X-BIONIC Worldcup Team, Sabrina Enaux, fell in the final practice before the race that hard on the shoulder that she had to be examined at the local hospital and was not at the start. A very strong shoulder contusion means an enforced break for the Frenchwoman probably until the end of March.

Karl Markt with a strong 19th Place
The men in FELT ÖTZTAL X-BIONIC Worldcup Team can be happy with the season opener as well. In a particularly strong starting field Karl Markt came to a strong 19th Place. The German U23 champion Manne Reis finished despite strong stomach problems at position 50. A good result, considering that the entire world elite was at the start in Maremma Cup. The winner was the Italian Fontana followed by the two Swiss Vogel and Schurter. Olympic champion Julien Absalon from France just missed the podium on fourth place.

Vladi Riha on 7th place in the marathon in Asola
1500 athletes attended the X-BIONIC marathon in Asola with its 55 km long route. Under adverse conditions and low soil a leading group with Vladi Riha from FELT ÖTZTAL X-BIONIC Worldcup Team was quickly able to settle. In the final, the marathon specialist was able to enter his first top ten result and celebrated a successful debut in the season with a 7th place.
Next weekend, the Cross Country athletes start in Montichiari near Lake Garda, where they want to confirm their strong form from the Maremma Cup.