Cleveland Clinic / RGF Solutions Roster

  • Marco Aledia
  • Alano Antonuk
  • Jim Baldesare
  • Cruiser Bogedin
  • Jonathan Freter
  • Mitch Gabel
  • Jeremy Grimm
  • Rich Harper
  • Mark Hekman
  • Nathan Larson
  • Nathan Larson
  • Steve Schott
  • Cory St. Clair
  • Andre Vanfenberg


The Cleveland Clinic/RGF Cycling Team presented by Felt Bicycles is an Ohio-based, nationally recognized cycling program that recruits and provides young athletes the opportunity to compete at the highest level in the sport of competitive cycling in the United States.

2011 is the fifth season for the team and has been one of the most successful yet with the strong performances of several promising riders. Former USA Crit Series Champion and Tour of Ohio Winner Mark Hekman joined Cleveland Clinic/RGF for 2011 after a stint on UCI Continental Squads the past three seasons. Marco Aledia also joined Cleveland Clinic/RGF after four seasons with Inferno Racing.

Team veterans include Jeremy Grimm, winner of the 2010 International Tour de ‘Toona Crit and 2009 Troy Classic on the Square; Bob Martin, 2009 Marion Classic Masters Champion; Stefan Kadar, a former Romanian Junior National Champion; Dave Chernosky; and Bob Martin. Cleveland Clinic/RGF also has a complete U23 squad loaded with talent from around the Midwest. Jonathan Freter, winner of the 2010 Snake Alley Criterium Junior Race; Nicholas Inabinet, winner of the Ring of Fire Series, and Andre Vendenberg, 2010 Roswell Criterium winner, lead the U23 team.

Team management includes Polo Fernandez, CEO of RGF Sports; Team Director Jeff Braumberger; Dick Brink; and Dave Chernosky. Jeremy Grimm is the Elite Team Manager, and Bob Martin is the U23 Team Manager.

Aledia, Marco Antonuk, Alan Baldesare, Jim
Grimm, Jeremy Harper, Rich Hekman, Mark
Bogedin, Cruise Freter, Johnathan Gabel, Mitch
Larson, Nathan Schott, Steve St. Clair, Cory
Andres Diaz Chernosky, Dave Forbes, O'Brien
Gatch, John Halvak, Josh Inabinet, Nicholas
Kadar, Stefan Shell, Jonhathan Weddell, Sean
Dunn, Ray Fernandez, Bob Greene, Matt
Lyndon, Jim Marques, Ed Wood, Paul
Good, Ryan Henterly, Bill