Project London Roster

  • Michael Blatchford
  • Kevin Mansker
  • Dean Tracy
  • Daniel Walker
  • Jimmy Watkins


Project London is an elite track cycling team, inspired, created and managed by Rubicon Cycling, LCC. Rubicon Cycling will carry on the mission of benefiting the LIVESTRONG organization while pursuing the development of young cyclists into champion professional athletes and representing the United States of America in the Olympic Games.

Project London consists of five of the fastest sprinters in the United States. Michael Blatchford is a 12-time national champion and a 2008 Olympian. Kevin Mansker is a 2-time national champion and was a member of the 2009 USA Champion Team Sprint team. Dean Tracy is a 2-time national champion and was also a member of the 2009 USA Champion Team Sprint team. Daniel Walker is a 4-time national champion and was the 2010 Pan Am Kilo Champion. Jimmy Watkins is the current USA Sprint and Keirin champion and is a 2-time national record holder.

Project London athletes will compete in a variety of events across the US as a trade team and will also vie for slots on the USA National Team in international competition in the UCI World Cup, UCI World Championships, and the Olympic Games.

As members of Team USA, Project London athletes are preparing for competition at the 2011 UCI World Championships, taking their first steps on the journey back across the Atlantic to compete against the best of the best, in the 2012 London Olympic Games.

Kevin Mansker Jimmy Watkins Michael Blatchford
Dean Tracy Daniel Walker