AR Series

Blending the lightweight, stiff and quick-handling performance of a professional-grade carbon fiber road racing bike with the aerodynamic advantages of a time trial bike, the AR has redefined what a road bike is capable of accomplishing.


Three years ago pro racers challenged Felt to put its aerodynamic expertise toward designing a new road bike. The racers asked Felt, makers of the world’s fastest time trial and track bikes (the DA and the TK1), to help them improve their performance and efficiency in the road races they compete in day in and day out.

A collaborative development effort between Felt engineers and athletes, the AR was officially unveiled at the 2008 Tour de France. The competition immediately took notice. The pros know that at the speeds they race, aerodynamic efficiency matters. It can be the difference between winning and losing.

Following cues from the DA time trial bike, the AR is designed with a purpose-built down tube, head tube, chainstays, seatstays, fork blades and a wheelwell-conforming seat tube. It also features the shielded internal cable routing found in the DA to maximize its aerodynamic advantage.

The result of this design is clear. Against its true adversary—the wind—the AR gives racers a tangible advantage. Testing sessions at the San Diego Low Speed Wind Tunnel facility have proven that, depending on speed and wind conditions, a rider can reasonably expect to save from 58 to 75 seconds over the course of an hour when compared to a bike with round frame tubes in similar conditions.

The AR is the bike a great number of Felt’s ProTourriders use any time they put a nose in the wind. It’s the perfect machine for making a successful breakaway, or bringing one back. It has become a critical part of the team’s stable of race bikes.

Like all Felt road bikes, the AR is characterized by crisp handling. The proprietary blend of carbon fiber materials used to construct the frame give it the stiffness and ride quality for which Felt is known.

Beyond the frame, each AR is outfitted with a full complement of race-ready parts. From aerodynamic wheels to flawless drivetrains and gearing that’s suited to racing speeds, the AR Series is designed and built to deliver you to your best performance ever.



You’re looking at the most technologically advanced road bike in the world. The AR1's proprietary wind tunnel developed design offers an aerodynamic advantage that translates to breakaway riders and sprinters alike.  Constructed with the finest UHC-Nano carbon fiber, and equipped with Shimano Dura Ace electronic Di2 shifting, there’s no better way to cheat the wind and conquer the competition.


The UHC Advanced material that's used to craft the AR2’s frame is more than just a high-grade carbon fiber. It’s a custom blend that is engineered to give Felt’s pro riders—and you—the incredible ride quality that makes this road bike so unique. A culmination of years of design, wind tunnel analysis, and pro testing, the AR2 gives you every aerodynamic advantage possible.  But, more than anything it’s the way it rides that really makes the AR2 really shine.


This is as aerodynamic and efficient as a road bike gets. The radically shaped down tube, head tube, chainstays, seatstays and fork—all meticulously constructed from UHC Advanced carbon fiber —slice through the wind like nothing else available. Felt’s Modular Monocoque Construction lends the AR3 a lightweight, snappy feel for climbing and accelerating. Shimano Ultegra Di2 electronic shifting and Mavic wheels ensure reliable performance on every ride.


With an aerodynamic UHC Advanced carbon fiber frame and high-quality, competition-ready components, the AR4 road bike is engineered to minimize drag. Extensive wind-tunnel development has proven it capable of shaving seconds off your time. It’s equally adept at climbing or sprinting, and with Shimano Ultegra drivetrain and Shimano wheels, you’re guaranteed reliable performance for the long haul.


Supreme aerodynamic efficiency on the road has never been this attainable. Featuring Felt’s UHC Advanced Modular Monocoque carbon fiber frame and radically shaped tubes designed to slice through the wind and produce maximum pedaling efficiency, the AR5 is happiest when it’s off the front. A Shimano 105 drivetrain add to the AR5’s precise, comfortable handling by offering confident control in any type of terrain.