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2nd place! Paul Van Der Ploeg steps up the podium in the Eliminator World Cup Sprint in Nove Mesto, Litscher 5th

Monday, August 15, 2011
Paul Van Der Ploeg picked up the second prize in the opening Eliminator Sprint race at the World in Nove Mesto (CZ). In this spectacular new race format, only one strategy leads to success: Full speed!
In the exciting final of the fastest four riders, Van Der Ploeg beat Manuel Fumic and Ralph Näf with his great power and speed on the 800 m track. Only Swiss Stefan Peter was faster than the FELT ÖTZTAL X-BIONIC rider. Thomas Litscher, winner of the last World Cup Sprint in Offenburg, lost his heat in the ½ final but confidently won the small final! 5th overall!
But it did not look that good in the beginning. After the qualification, Paul Van Der Ploeg proceeded to the KO round with the 10th fastest lap. Litscher was only in 24th position. But when it came to the duels, they both showed the world what they are made of.
The result of Simon Scheiber also leads to a big applause at the team stand. The young Austrian proceeded to the ¼ in his first World Cup Sprint race ever. Congratulations!
4th podium in the third World Cup Sprint of the season
After Litscher's win in Offenburg, his 2nd place in Dalby Forest and of course Van Der Ploegs win in Dalby, it’s the fourth podium for the FELT ÖTZTAL X-BIONIC team in the third World Cup Sprint this season!  Jörg Scheiderbauer, sports director of the FELT ÖTZTAL X-BIONIC team, knows where the big success comes from: “With Litscher and Van Der Ploeg we have two riders that represent the new and cool generation of mountainbiking. These boys have great technical skills, the power and the endurance it needs and they never back off in the hard fights of a sprint race! These riders are the spectacular future of mountainbiking!”