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Lost the saddle, but won the bronze medal: Litscher wins second medal at the European Championships

Thursday, August 11, 2011
Thomas Litscher crossed the finish line without his saddle but won his second medal at the European Champs in Dohnany (Svk).
Looked like gold for a long time
Until the fourth round, the young Swiss rider from the FELT ÖTZTAL X-BIONIC Team was in the lead. Together with Italian Kerschbaumer, he dominated the race and confirmed his reputation once again. The expected duel between him and Kerschbaumer flared up, but in the fifth round Litscher was dogged by bad luck. He lost the saddle and lots of time! Without his saddle, he couldn’t race as he’d planned to but nevertheless saved the bronze medal not only for himself but for his country and team as well.
Disappointment and Happiness
Directly after the finish line, big disappointment was written in Litscher’s face. But after the silver medal in the team relay and today bronze medal, the European Champs were more than successful for the young man. In the end he had bad luck. For the most part though, Litscher can and is pround if his great performance.
Great races to come
The European Champs are just the beginning of the most important part of the season. With the World Cups in the Czech Republic and Italy and finally the World Championships, Litscher is facing the most important weeks of his young career.
It’s clear: Litscher will come to the finish line with a saddle on his bike and that means everything is possible!
1. KERSCHBAUMER Gerhard ITALY 1:20:26
2  MOORLAG Henk Jaap NETHERLANDS + 00:34