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Second place at the Champions Race: Shooting Star Andi Böcherer beats the German Top Stars, only Kienle faster than him

Wednesday, May 11, 2011
Andi Böcherer, FELT-racextract Athlete from Freiburg, made his way to the Podium in the highly competitive Champions Race in Buschhütten. In 1:46:53 he finished 2nd. His rivals: No one else than a group of triathletes we know from the Top10 of the World Championships Hawaii: Faris Als Sultan, Lothar Leder, Timo Bracht, Dirk Bockel and Sebastian Kienle are only some of the starting athletes that regularly end up on the podium in international Championships. Only one of them was of strong enough to beat the young Andi Böcherer on Sunday in Buschhütten in the final 10 km run.

9th when he came out of the water, 1st after the bike leg, 2nd in the end

Böcherers great performance on the bike was the key to the podium. Boecherer came out of the water in 9th position and caught up brilliantly on the bike: Leading a group of three, Boecherer was the first to put one his running shoes. On his brand new FELT DA, nobody could stop him. 

In an entertaining final showdown, Sebastian Kienle and Andi Böcherer fought for the precious victory and the title to be king of Buschhütten. In the end, Kienle was the one who took it but Böcherer was happy with his second place.

Rematch in Heilbronn

Both rivals will meet again at the City Triathlon Heilbronn on the 29th of May.  But instead of the short distance, both will have to swim 2 km, ride 70 km and run 15 km. 

Böcherer is in great condition and the whole season is focused on the big ironman events, but his great work on the shorter distances shows: 2011 will be a special year for the FELT-racextract Shooting Star!