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Silver Start: Thomas Litscher and the Swiss Team win the silver medal in the team relay at the European Championships

Friday, August 05, 2011
Litscher starting rider
Known as a very fast guy on the first meters it was the right decision that Litscher will be the first rider of the Swiss Team. That tactics worked perfectly. Right from the start, Litscher rode into the leading position and kept up with the fastest rider in the first round. He entered the transition zone in second position, just meters behind leading Marco Fontana from Italy.
After that, he had to wait how his team mates will do. Junior Lars Forster and Nathalie Schneitter rode the rounds 2 and 3. The last rider was Martin Gujan. At the last transition: A head to head race between Gujan and French Maxime Marotte with the better end for the French team. Gold for France, Silver for the Swiss team!
Favourite Litschers faces Kerschbaumer in the U23 race
The next starting shot is fired on Saturday at 17 o’clock. Thomas Litscher is the expected winner of the U23 race at the European Championships, but he knows that in sports nothing is guaranteed and hard work must be done to fulfil dreams and expectations. The young Swiss has to face Italian Gerhard Kerschbaumer, who won the U 23 World Cups in Mont Sainte Anne, Windham and Pietermaritzburg. While Litscher stars in the Elite races in the World Cup, his rivals mostly ride in the U23 category. Just a few duels have been fought this season. At last years World championships, Litscher won the silver medal, Kerschbaumer came in fifth. Alexander Gehbauer, winner of the U23 World Cup in Dalby Forest and Offenburg was injured last week at the London Olympic Test and will miss the race.
At the European Champs, Litscher and Kerschbaumer both want to win the race. Who will it be? FELT ÖTZTAL X-BIONIC rider Thomas Litscher who enters the Elite Top 10 regularly or U 23 series winner Kerschbaumer?
On Sunday, the championships also start for the left FELT ÖTZTAL X-BIONIC riders. Newly rewarded Austrian National Champion Charly Markt could be the big surprise in the men elite race. Blaza Klemencic, Adelheid Morath and Sabrina Enaux will fight for the podium in the women’s elite race.
European Championships U23, Men
Saturday, August 6th  , 17 h