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You don’t have to be a Tour de France racer to appreciate the performance of a Felt road bike, but it’s nice knowing Felt produces the most cutting-edge machines ridden by the world’s fastest road professionals. When athletes like Garmin/Slipstream pros—including super-sprinter Tyler Farrar and 2009 Tour de France revelation Bradley Wiggins—count on Felt to deliver every competitive advantage, you can bet Felt engineers, designers and product managers are well-accustomed to pushing boundaries.

Speed and performance are big parts of the Felt mission, but it certainly doesn’t end there. All Felt road bikes—from pro-level F and AR series bikes to the women-specific ZW series—also emphasize fit, comfort, value and style. And all of these characteristics are specifically targeted to each individual road rider, no matter his or her level of experience.

It starts with the materials used to construct Felt road frames. From the most advanced carbon fiber blends to lightweight, custom-formed aluminum, Felt never compromises. Once the perfect frame material is matched with the bike’s intended use, Felt engineers begin the design process. Geometry, stiffness, weight and handling characteristics are just some of the factors considered.

Once the perfect road frame is created, Felt product managers set about meticulously choosing the perfect parts to optimize each bike’s intended usage.

The end result? Whether you’re a pro racer, a weekend warrior, a fitness rider or a commuter, there’s a perfect Felt road bike just waiting to make 2010 your best year ever.