Z Series

Whether you’re racing or attempting to complete an all-day epic, comfort is a critical factor in your performance. It’s simple: The more comfortable you are, the better you’re able to ride.

That’s where the Z Series comes in. It’s specifically designed to blend performance and comfort so you can ride farther and faster—and enjoy every ride more than ever before. 

Take a look at some of the bikes used by pros at long, grueling races like the Tour de France over the years and you’ll notice they were a bit different than those that are popular today. They were built to be stable on fast descents and featured a slightly more upright rider position. They had longer wheelbases and offered excellent vibration damping—proven ways to reduce fatigue. These ride characteristics are central to the design goals of the Z. 

Z Series frames use a slightly longer head tube for more flexibility in handlebar and rider positioning. They feature a sloping top tube for increased stand-over clearance, and they benefit from improved vertical compliance due to a more exposed seatpost. The Z also features a slightly longer wheelbase for confident handling at any speed. 

Even with those modifications, the Z still packs the same torsional stiffness and bottom bracket rigidity as Felt’s legendary F bikes. It all adds up to a bike that can be ridden in classic racing position, yet also provides options. 

Even with its distinctly different look and eye toward improved comfort, it’s a mistake to think of the Z as a non-performance-oriented bike. Many of Felt’s pros choose the Z for select races.

Whether you choose a Z model built from super-premium UHC Ultimate+Nano carbon fiber and cutting-edge electronic Shimano Di2 shifting, or one of the lightweight aluminum/carbon fiber models, you’ll get the same assured handling and race-worthy stiffness. It’s a ride that’s as responsive as it is confidence-inspiring. 

All Z Series bikes are built with the right components for the ideal fit, plus gearing for any terrain and unmatched reliability. Each bike is equipped with either a compact or triple crankset combined with a wide-range cassette to help you tackle hills. If ever there was a bike to inspire you to reach new heights, the Z is it.


Electronic shifting, silky smooth ride quality and lightweight performance. If your goal is riding faster and farther, the technologically advanced Z2 is your bike. The UHC Advanced carbon fiber frame, built with Felt’s InsideOut molding process, weighs less than a kilogram and rides like a dream. With slightly more upright positioning, it offers confidence and control for longer rides. With Dura Ace Di2 electronic shifting and C24 wheels, the Z2 will take your riding to a whole new level.


Combining an exceedingly light UHC Performance carbon fiber frame with state-of-the-art racing components, the Z3 contains all the performance necessary to line up for your most difficult race yet, or your fastest century ever. Stiff enough to stand up to your hardest effort, the Z3 provides unparalleled vibration damping and vertical compliance to leave you fresh at the end of your ride or race. The Ultegra Di2 electronic shifting brings you precision gear changes and the Fulcrum Racing wheelset delivers superb handling and tracking.


The Z4 is stiff enough for optimal pedaling efficiency yet smooth and compliant to keep you comfortable and riding strong on those long days in the saddle. That winning combination is why many Pros have raced the Z Series at the highest levels of the sport. The Z4’s UHC Performance carbon fiber frame is matched to the precise, reliable performance of Shimano Ultregra components and a Mavic Ksyrium wheelset.


With a UHC Performance carbon fiber frame and fork, plus a comfortable mix of performance componentry including a Shimano 105 drivetrain, Felt hubs and Mavic rims, the Z5 is an incredibly versatile all-around performer. Stiff enough to accelerate instantly, compliant enough to take the edge off during longer rides.


Tour de France-worthy technology made affordable. The sophisticated Modular Monocoque Construction process used to build the Z6 frame, made with UHC Performance carbon fiber, produces a smooth-handling, lightweight road bike that can sprint, climb and hammer the flats with equal aplomb. Add a smart, hand-picked selection of performance parts and the Z6 is a contender.


Rarely does aluminum perform as well as it does in our Superlite tubing. Featuring both external and internal butting plus additional shaping, the Z75's frame combines superior comfort with the efficient performance aluminum is famous for. We add a UHC Performance carbon fiber fork for additional vibration damping. The SRAM Apex drivetrain has a wide range of gears to tackle any ascent while making each downhill fun. Integrated brake and shift levers give you complete control no matter where you are pointed.


Built with Felt’s Superlite custom-butted 7005 aluminum tubing, the frame of the Z85 forms the heart of this performance road machine. Lightweight, dependable, and as quick as it is comfortable, the Z85 is equally suitable for short training rides or epic weekend adventures. A UHC Performance carbon fiber fork and Shimano 105 drivetrain, including compact cranks for a wide range of gearing, complete the Z85 performance package.


A Superlite aluminum frame featuring both internal and external butting plus additional shaping gives the Z95 a zippy ride feel. A UHC Performance carbon fiber fork adds some vibration-damping ride compliance, and the endurance-oriented geometry helps you stay fresh for the final sprint. And with a dependable Micro.shift shifters and performance oriented components, you’ll have confident shifting and braking no matter the conditions.

Frame Kit Z1

The Z1 Frameset is stiff enough for optimal pedaling efficiency yet smooth and compliant to keep you comfortable and riding strong on those long days in the saddle. That winning combination is why many Pros have raced the Z Series at the highest levels of the sport. The Z1's UHC Ultimate+Nano carbon fiber frame is built with Felt's Dynamic Monocoque Construction and forms the perfect chassis for your next dream bike.