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A Dream come true: Charly Markts finally wins his home race and Sabrina Enaux claims her first win of the season

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Charly Markt makes his dream come true
Charly Markt finally made his dream come true and won the UCI race held in his hometown Haiming and showed that he truly is the best Austrian rider right now.

After the first round, Markt took the lead and neither the highly-decorated Ralph Näf nor the young guns in the field were able to follow him up the hill. With 53 Seconds ahead, Markt had enough time to celebrate his victory and to enjoy the applause of his fans on the last meters: “It’s awesome. The race was brutal and I’m so happy I finally made it to the top here in my hometown with all my fans cheering on the track. My tactics worked great: I kept the speed very high from the beginning so that nobody could ride into striking distance.”

Litscher shows his power on the FELT NINE
Swiss Thomas Litscher also rode a fantastic race. After a very explosive start, the U23 silver medallist immediately took the lead: “I started very fast because I wanted to get rid of all the riders immediately, but that did not work out. To lead and to try to get away so hardly cost me a lot of energy”, said Litscher, who had to slow down in the following rounds and found himself in 6th position in the middle of the race. But what happened then was a pure demonstration of will and strength: In round 7 and 8, Litscher rode the best times of all riders and closed the big gap to the podium with a stunning catch-up race that was rewarded with the third rank in the end. “If I had not tried to get away in the beginning of the race, I would have had enough power for a big duel with my team-mate Charly”

Sabrina Enaux celebrates her first win of the season
Hours before the men, the girls of the FELT ÖTZTAL X-BIONIC Team set the bar very high. Sabrina Enaux won her first race of the season in a superior way: The petite French girl crossed the finish line with over one minute time advantage – and 2nd was nobody else than the world’s number one women Lisi Osl: “The course was very technical and perfect for my Felt Edict. The fully helped me ride fast through stones and roots and the course was full with these technical sections”, said Enaux.

Blaza Klemencic, who still is struggling with the aftermath of her painful crash last weekend at the World Cup South Africa, came in third and was very happy with the result: “To race here was important for me because I don’t want to slow down between the world cups – even if the bruises still hurt a bit”, said Klemencic.