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Garmin extends team sponsorship

Wednesday, October 21, 2009
Garmin announced on Tuesday that it has extended its sponsorship of the Garmin-Slipstream ProTour team by three years. Extending the current agreement, which lasts through 2010, Garmin will remain partners with Slipstream through 2013.

The partnership will provide the team with the opportunity to continue its founding mission: building the next generation of cycling champions. It will also allow Garmin, Slipstream and team partners such as Felt Bicycles to develop new technology that will give the team advantages on the road. Most importantly, the long-term sponsorship provides the team with a platform and foundation for retaining and recruiting the best riders in the sport.

“The success of the team spans the globe and surpassed our expectations for the first year and a half of our title sponsorship, bringing Garmin’s reputation for quality, commitment, performance and productivity into countless households in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia,” said Jon Cassat, Garmin’s vice president of communications. “Our objectives were—and continue to be—to integrate our products on sports’ biggest stages and to build global brand awareness. Whether capturing victories around the world, winning national championships or working to develop future generations of talent, Team Garmin has helped us achieve those objectives and has made an impression on billions of potential customers.”

Garmin, which has spent 20 years developing technologies and innovation to enhance users’ lives, has already used the team’s unique perspective and invaluable feedback in developing the new GPS-enabled Edge 500, which tracks speed, distance, time, GPS position, elevation, calories burned, climb and descent. After the ride, data downloaded to Garmin Connect allows cyclists and staff to study the statistics, looking for any room for improvement for the next day. This data also provides fans and the media access to the riders’ data.

“Garmin’s commitment to innovation and integrity mirrors our own, and knowing that we have their partnership for the next four years means that we can continue to develop the next generation of cycling champions,” said Jonathan Vaughters, CEO of Slipstream Sports, LLC, the sports management company that runs the team. “We can continue to make technological innovations that will give our riders a competitive advantage on the road. And off the road, we can continue to help better the sport.”