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World Champion Thomas Litscher finished second at Roc d‘Azur Marathon

Wednesday, October 12, 2011
2 weeks after his racing season, Thomas Litscher decided to take on the challenge of the Roc d’Azur Marathon in southern France where he ranked second after Christoph Sauser. 
Litscher started off quite well and later, fought his way up the mountain. On the way down the mountain Litscher oversaw a tree trunk and crashed but luckily was not injured and was able to pick up and continue the race. Roughly 6 meters to the finish, Litscher was wearing down but manged to finish with a time of 3:45. The Roc d’Azur was a good experience for Litscher in which he realized his potential for riding longer distances at a good pace. Next week he’ll compete in his last race of the season in Saalfelden/Leogang, Austria , where the 2012 World Championships will take place.
Results Roc d‘Azur 2011
1 Christoph Sauser 3:40:54  
2 Thomas Litscher 0:03:13  
3 Karl Platt 0:04:21  
4 Alban Lakata 0:05:55  
5 Lukas Buchli 0:06:30