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Joscha Forstreuter enters Guinness Book of World Records!

Friday, November 28, 2008
Beijing (Nov 26, 2008) – Felt’s own Joscha Forstreuter and riding partner Timo Pritzel both were invited to participate in the recent Guinness World Record Show in China and each came home co-world record holders. Here is how Joscha described the experience:

“Nie Hao to everybody!

“Timo Pritzel and I just got back from being invited by the Chinese CCTV channel in Beijing to be part of the "Guinness World Record Show". This show had 60 million viewers last year, and this year they expect even more. I was pretty excited and visiting China for the first time made it even more special to me. Our record attempt was officially called "Highest Bicycle Ramp Jump". 5.12m was the old record, set by Timo eight years ago on a BMX bike. We were both unsure if we could top that on a mountain bike, especially with the bigger wheels. But, I was feeling very comfortable on my new Felt "Sure Shot" dirt jump bike and the ramps they built for the record attempt were perfect. The 8m high roll-in gave us tons of speed to hit the 1.80m launch-ramp and 3m high ramp landing.

“We started by 4.50m which wasn't too big of a deal. The next height of 5.00m looked way more impressive. It's totally different to jump over a high-jump pole. To me it's much scarier than a normal jump. It looks like one big wall even knowing it's not very dangerous to hit the pole. Even so, you still do not want to hit it.

“With two attempts at each height, Timo hit the pole at 5.00m, but then made it easily on his second try. The next height was 5.20m, the new record. From top of the start ramp it looked so high and I was quite sure I wouldn't make it on my first try. But, I pedaled hard down the 8m start ramp and pulling just right on the launch ramp and I took the 5.20m without touching the pole! Timo was next and he also cleared it! Both of us had the record under the belt. We decided to stop right there at 5.20m and share the record. The TV-Crew was happy and we were even more stoked!”