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Strong performance of Anna Baylis-Scheiderbauer at IRONMAN China – Husband Jörg with technical defect.

Monday, March 15, 2010

After an averaged swimming performance of 1:01 hour on 3.8 kilometers Anna Baylis-Scheiderbauer presented herself strong in her best discipline cycling. She already knew that it should be the toughest race day of their sporting careerwhen she was on the bike course. Gusts with more than 50 km/h made it incredibly difficult to stay in the aero position and keep up the average speed. "I had to work hard with my upper body in order to hold on to my bike," said Anna Scheiderbauer.

Nevertheless, she rided extremely strong. As third after 180 km cycling she was able to reach fifth place and to be more than ten minutes faster as Ironman European champion Nicole Leder. Than the marathon, Anna`s weakest discipline followed. At temperatures above 35 degrees, the external conditions have become unbearable. From kilometer 20 onwards the allrounder had problem to keep the pace. Although she did not have to go, but came up with a transit time of only 6:40 min/km. Eight kilometers from the finish Baylis-Scheiderbauer had to give a further three places to Amy Simonetta (USA), Amy Gluck (USA) and Shia You Li (TWN). "It can only get better at running," said Baylis-Scheiderbauer, who was more than satisfied with her top ten ranking. The American Amy Marsh won the womens race just ahead the German Nicole Leder. With Heidi Jessberger another German landed on the podest after a long injury break.

Anna's husband Jörg Scheiderbauer had lots of bad luck. After an amazing swim time of 53:16 minutes the strong cyclist caught up step by step. Together with the later second placed Jozsef Mayor from Hungary he was on sixth place in general. At km 80 he didn`t see a manhole and slit on his rear tire. After a quick tire change he was still in the top ten, but a second flat tyre at kilometer 120 ended his race. With this fate Scheiderbauer was not alone. The bike race took a whole series of top favorites such as Chris McCormack, Mark Fachbach and Lothar Leder.
The next big Ironman race for the couple Scheiderbauer will be the Ironman European Championships in Frankfurt in early July. Previously, both will be on tour with their FELT ÖTZTAL X-BIONIC Worldcup Team in order to start at some mountain bike races such as the Mountain Bike Marathon in Riva (Lake Garda) at 1st May. Anna and Jörg will put their time trial machines aside and unpack their mountain bikes: "We look forward to go on some mountain bike races after a year without mountain biking."