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You always know a Felt Cruiser when you see one. For years Felt has stood above the rest when it comes to creating these bikes with unique design themes and styles that grab your attention. The 2012 Cruiser line is the best yet, featuring a host of newly designed bikes and bringing the famous Felt quality and attention to detail to more consumers at even lower price points.
Flip through these pages or visit us online at feltbicycles.com, and we’re certain you’ll find more than one Felt Cruiser that speaks to you. Whether it’s the nostalgically themed Deep Six, the classically styled 1903, the retro Felt Beaumont or something more understated like the affordable Sunliner or Slant, there’s one to match any personality.

The style may be the first thing you notice about a Felt Cruiser, but once you own one, it’s the quality that stands out. From the materials we use to the way we build our frames to the customized components, these bikes are built to be ridden—and built to last.

Many of the Felt Cruiser frames feature hydroformed tubes. This sophisticated forming process allows us to design complex shapes and swoopy lines, which give the bikes a unique look and an amazing ride quality. All Felt Cruiser frames are built from either aluminum—the best choice for riders who want light weight and maximum corrosion-resistance—or hi-tensile steel, which offers strength and durability at a more affordable price.

When it comes to components, Felt refuses to cut corners. Every Felt Cruiser component is either designed in-house or specially selected to fit the needs of a particular bike. Many models feature super-wide 50mm aluminum rims, which deliver strength, stability and a unique cruiser style. The rims are mated to specially selected hubs, many of which are custom machined to match the fork or bike.

One of the most distinctive elements of any Felt Cruiser is our Brick tire, which comes in two sizes. The 24” x 3.0” Thick Brick is the larger, offering a smooth, supple ride and a stout look while maintaining a nearly identical outside diameter of a standard 26” tire. For more traditionally styled cruisers, we use the 26” x 2.125” Quick Brick. When mounted to our wide rims, both Brick tires offer increased width for a more stable ride.

Felt Cruisers have long been known for their attention to detail. Custom grips, double-crown forks, semi-integrated headsets, CNC-machined aluminum chain wheels, custom matched valve caps, saddlebags and embossed saddle covers—these are just some of the things you’ll find that set Felt Cruisers apart.

Whether you prefer high style or simple, laid-back comfort, there’s a Felt Cruiser with your name all over it.

MSRP: $429

The Claire is a subtle blend of modern components with Victorian graphics and sensibilities.  The orange cantilever frame and cream colored tires are perfect contrasts.  A single speed transmission and coaster brake make for a simple to operate bike with no hassles and no messy gears.  High handlebars and a springer saddle combine for a silky ride.  Riding off into the sunset has never been prettier, or more fun!

MSRP: $529

Felt’s Picnic is a perfect bike for cruising to the park and having snacks in the summer.  A relaxed position and fat tires make for a plush ride, and the fenders make sure no road grime will get on the basket as you pedal away.  The single speed transmission and coaster brake are the same type that you used to ride as a child.  The smell of flowers, the company of a good friend, delicious food – this is a fine time, but watch out for the ants!

MSRP: $499

For those with more colorful tastes, the Patchwork is ideal.  Starting with a vibrant blue base, the Patchwork has an assortment of quilt decals.  The ride is gentle thanks to the shock absorbing saddle, fat tires, and a relaxed riding position.  The single speed transmission and coaster brake keep the look simple, no cables or gears should distract attention from this polychromatic masterpiece.

MSRP: $369

The Felt Peace is a perfect choice for a young person – durable, beautiful, and easy to operate.  The single speed drivetrain and coaster brake are easy to operate and are nearly maintenance free.  Upright handlebars and a shock absorbing seat allow the rider to maintain a comfortable and stable position.  The white paint is complimented by delicate graphics.  The sea foam green fender s are stunning and keep road grime off of the rider.  But watch out, your youngster might be too enthusiastic and out pedal you!

MSRP: $429

Rugged and reliable, the Felt Jetty is one tough cruiser.  The cantilever frame is a robust platform that provides strength and durability.  The balloon Quick Brick tires and custom saddle make for a smooth ride, and the Bobtail Rear Rack adds functinoality.

MSRP: $369

Grab some sunscreen, a towel, and some shades – it is time to cruise the beach.  The Sunliner’s high rise handlebars and fat tires make for a plush ride and the surf inspired paint and sweeping frame will make everyone on the boardwalk jealous.  A single speed drivetrain and coaster brake mean that you can focus on taking in the scenery.  Surf, sand, bikes – what else could you need?

MSRP: $349

With minimalistic yet edgy graphics, the Go Go is a bit more rebellious than other cruisers.  Equally suited to jaunts around the local urban environment or a relaxing cruise by the beach, the Go Go offers a relaxed position with its high handlebars.  The frame is a cantilever design that is as functional as it is beautiful.  A single speed and coaster brake are both efficient and durable.  Time to roll out!

MSRP: $369 ($349 for Meadow Green / no fenders)

The Felt Slant is part cruiser, part commuter.  The cantilever frame and understated graphics are distinctly Felt and will turn some heads when you get to the office.  The balloon tires and upright handlebars make for a smooth ride, but it is up to you not to spill your chai tea.  Now the only question is whether or not you will actually be able to focus on work or daydream about the commute home.