Cares Wins Firecracker 50

Tuesday, July 05, 2011
Breckenridge, ColoradoColin Cares of Team Kenda/Felt emerged victorious at the Firecracker 50, defeating a formidable field of opponents.  The victory is Cares’ first Firecracker 50 win and comes after several strong performances earlier this year.

The Firecracker 50 course is renowned for being one of the most difficult circuits in North America.  Racers completed two circuits of the course which consisted of almost entirely singletrack and included nearly 5,000 feet of climbing each lap.  Record snow levels required a slight alteration to the course, making the circuit 27 miles instead of the usual 25.

Cares was under pressure from the start, with the lead group charging through the first section of the course at an infernal pace.  The twenty-three year old Boulder native stayed with the lead group and was able to take advantage of the fast pace, distancing himself from the leaders on the second lap and holding on for the win.

“I think it just suited my strengths with long climbs and altitude,” Cares said after the race.  “I'm really excited to win here.  I've been racing the Firecracker since I was 16 or 17 years old. For Colorado guys this is one of the staples every year.”

Cares and the rest of Team Kenda/Felt compete aboard Felt Nine and Edict Mountain Bikes throughout the season.