Many people know full suspension creates a smoother ride, but an efficient suspension system can keep a rider moving faster.  At Felt, we’ve developed  our own proprietary suspension platforms, each unique in what they do and offer: FAST and Equilink.

FAST, or Felt Active Stay Technology is the name given to Felt's XC suspension platform.  FAST is designed to provide a light weight, efficient and practical experience.  XC riders need a single weapon that will take them from start to finish as quickly as possible, regardless of rough and technical conditions.  To be successful in any XC competition, the rider needs a bike that employs a well thought-out suspension design-one that caters to the specifics of the XC rider directly. Whether waiting for the starter’s pistol at a World Cup, or trying to best your personal record, the equipment expectation is the identical. FAST delivers. 

Equilink first debuted in 2007 as the first suspension platform which fully addressed the negative affects of pedal-bob and brake-jack by virtue of a very clever proprietary design. Since that time Equlink bikes have won numerous editorial and media accolades including Outside Magazine’s Gear of the Year.
Equilink is designed to tackle every sort of obstacle the trail throws at it while simultaneously holding efficient pedaling characteristics. This makes any bike designed around the Equilink platform as fun to climb hills with as it is to bomb the most technical of descents.